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Push &Pull

Learn about the 2 fundamental upper body strength variations needed for pole and how to train them. Focusing on pull-ups and bent arm strength and press ups and straight arm strength. Make sure you're never limited by your strength again.

Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Learn how to fix those nagging injuries and begin to understand how the body moves in order to prevent them from happening again. You'll be shown exercises specifically targeted at protecting and strengthening the shoulder, elbow, wrist and knee joints.

Effective Core Training

Core strength is crucial for every exercise performed on the pole. We'll teach you how to properly train and strengthen your core in fundamental positions and show you how these apply to many complex pole movements.

Mobility & Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility is often a weakpoint for many people when it comes to achieve complex pole moves. Come and learn how to effectively improve your flexibility and mobility and how to include them in your training routine.

Kettlebell Training

Kettle bells are a fantastic tool to build strength, stability and mobility. Learn how to properly use them in a variety of different moves that apply to the pole and how they can help you become stronger.

Movement Specific

Is there a specific pole movement you're struggling to achieve? Let us break down the movement, take you through multiple progressions and strength elements that'll give you the framework to achieve your goal move.

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